Tukai municipal district

Tukai municipal district


The District: Naberezhnye Chelny (Yar Chally)

 Territory: 172949 hectares.

Area covered by forest: 206.66 km2;

Area of agricultural land: 1176,55 km2;

Population:42511 thousand people/(01.01.2020г)

The most numerous nationalities according to the all-Russian census of  2010.:

- Tatars - 71%;

- Russians - 25%.

Head of municipality:


423800, Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny, 46 Jalil Ave

Tel: (8552) 70-00-33; Fax: (8552) 70-12-61


on the website the web address: http://tukay.tatar.ru


Naberezhnye Chelny district was renamed in Tukai municipal district by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR on April 20, 1976. Administrative center is the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.


In the municipal district there are 23 rural settlements, 88 settlements.

Description of area

        Tukai municipal district is situated on the Lower Kama river in the territory of  East Zakamye. The relief is flat.  Leached and podzolic black soils, brown-gray and sod-carbonate soils predominate. The district includes several developed oil fields: near the places of  Bardibas, Burda, Melekes, Maltabarovo, Tlyanche-Tamak,  Nizhniy Suyk-su, in the forests of  Kyzyl Tau and near  the river Shilen.

The main part of the district is occupied by agricultural land – 4636.8 thousand hectares. The Land within the boundaries of settlements covers  403,9 thousand hectares. Industrial area,  lands  for  transport, communications, energy, defense and of other values occupy  86,1 thousand hectares. The forest Fund is 1219,3  thousand ha. The water Fund is 402 thousand hectares.

Tukai municipal district is situated within the coal basin (Cambas), the coal seams are quite deep and wet, because they are not developed. Peat found near the settlements of  Ilbukhtino, Tlyanche-Tamak,  Kuzkeevo, the disappeared village Batrakovo etc. In some places the peat is saturated limestone solutions (peat and limestone), they are used for fertilizer and liming acid soils.

The modern and flooded valleys of  Kama contain powerful and numerous deposits of inert building materials of gravel, sand. Here there are deposits of  limestone, bentonite (clays of the sea deposits impregnated with plaster).

Mineralized water can be extracted almost anywhere in the area.

The total land area of the water Fund is 12% of the land Fund of the district. These are mainly lands occupied by Kuibyshev and Nizhnekamsk reservoirs. Within the boundaries of the district there are small and medium rivers, which represent 4 basins consisting of  96 drains of various lengths.

Forests in the municipal area are operated by 4 of the SFE.

The wooded area is lower than the average in the country and is just over 12%. The main breeds are oak, linden, birch, aspen. There are conifers - spruce, pine.

Among especially protected natural territories of national Park "Lower Kama" and "Borovitskie kliuchi".


 Our district specializes in the production of agricultural products. There are 87,2 thousand hectares of arable land, 16 thousand heads of cattle (including 5650 thousand cows),  222,263 thousand pigs. There are 15 producers of agricultural products, 1 poultry farm with livestock 3442 million chickens, 5 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, 1795 small business entities, including 915 individual entrepreneurs, 5 consumer enterprises. Retail trade in the district is run by 128 entities, owned and leased by 187 fixed shops, 63 of which are owned by consumer cooperatives. The district provides  Naberezhnye Chelny with bread, vegetables, meat, milk.

In 2015, the growth of agricultural production was facilitated by the development of peasant farms.  The number of farms increased to 60. The products produced by farmers are about 404 million rubles.

The priority direction in development of agriculture is the creation of a highly profitable agro-industrial complex with deep complex processing of agricultural products.


In rural areas there was a modern social and cultural facilities, many bridges were built, paved concrete roads. The total area of roads, driveways, areas with improved coverage is 174.8 thousand sq.m. In total, there are 37 bridges, overpasses, tunnels, the total area of which is 450 sq. m. Improvement of engineering infrastructure, housing and social conditions in rural settlements is one of the main tasks of the district. Much attention is paid to the construction and reconstruction of public highways with hard surface in rural areas, providing communication of rural settlements.


There is a multi-level education system in Tukai municipal district, which includes 51 institutions of preschool, General and additional education. There are 25 pre - school educational institutions, 1 - primary school, 1 - primary school-kindergarten,17 secondary schools, 5 basic, 1-correctional school, municipal educational institution of preschool education of children "The center of extracurricular activities".


Hospital and polyclinic complex of Tukai municipal district began to work  in July 1999. The complex occupies about 4 hectares of  land in the city of  Naberezhnye Chelny. The hospital employs 470 people, including 60 doctors and 271 nurses. Rural residents are assisted by 4 dispensaries, 59 feldsher-midwife points.


 In the district there are 21 rural houses of culture, 17 rural clubs, 3 MFCS, children's art school conducts educational activities at 11 addresses, 31 rural libraries and one municipal institution "Tukai methodical library center", one municipal institution "The center of culture and leisure".

226 club groups, 20 theatre groups, 18 folklore and dance groups work there. 13  of them are the title of "People's Ensemble".



 Nowadays, 66 religious organizations operate in the region, including 7 Orthodox. Of these, 59 organizations are under the jurisdiction of the RT DOOM. There are 11 Orthodox organizations. In total, there are 66 religious objects in the district, of which 59 are mosques, 3 are under construction, 7 Orthodox churches, 3 prayer houses, 1 are under construction.

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